Unfortunately, we live in a day and age when virus and malware attacks are a common occurrence. Protect your business from email-borne cyber threats.

Clean up you inbound e-mail while blocking 99.9% of SPAM, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing & Viruses.

Ransomware, ad fraud, malware, viruses, and phishing schemes dominate the attack landscape.
The primary method of attack used to be to target individual computer users within organizations with phishing emails and infected attachments.

Malware Link Blocking

We block malicious spam campaigns launched by attackers attempting to infect victims by luring them into clicking on links.

Protect your organization from malicious link clicks resulting in information stealing Trojans and other malware or ransomware infecting your organization.

Dual Antivirus

Dual Antivirus provides double protection against virus outbreaks and signature based detection. Using dual Antivirus better protects your organization against zero-day viruses by having two sources for signature updates.

Multi-Layered AntiSpam

Multiple techniques backed by a vast database of Anti-Spam signatures provides a layered approach to detection. advanced and highly effective Spam blocker. 99.99% Spam Catch Rate with a 0.003% false positive rate.advanced and highly effective Spam blocker.

Send to Anyone

Each secure message sent generates an audit link that the the sender can use to track the status of the encrypted message and confirm delivery.

Entrusted By

Spammy Image Detection.

Protection against Image spam, a type of spam, or rather, a spamming technique, in which a spam message is delivered in the form of an image.

Powerful Next-Gen Sandboxing.

Suspicious attachments and URLs are automatically isolated in a "sandbox" and then executed and tested to defend against zero-day threats before reaching your e-mail environment.

$15 /year/per user ($1.25 per month)

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Threat Protection FAQ

Common questions about e-mail encryption.

How is malware and ransomware detected?

Each link in an inbound e-mail is checked for malicious intent. When a unsafe link is detected that message is either blocked or quarantined depending on the severity of risk found in the link.

Am I protected against Zero Day Attacks?

Yes, we are able to anticipate new attacks by using predictive technology.

Am I protected against "Spammy" images?

Yes, SPAM based images have become quite common as a methodology used to infiltrate SPAM detection systems. SPAM based images are detectable and scored appropriately.

Is sandboxing technology avialable?

Yes, sandboxing technology with advanced next-gen attachment analysis is included.

Are you able to detect and stop whaling and spear phishing?

Yes, we provide real-time protection against whaling and spear phishing attacks.

Can I configure an disclaim to be appended to outbound messages.

Certainly. Both text based and HTML disclaimers are allowed.

Can each user manage their own quarantine, black and white lists?

User access to such features is configurable by the Administrator. The Administrator can allow or deny access to such features.

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